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It is the near future; The year is 1999. The world has begin recovering from The Third World War. It was a war fought between nations and corporations. Now the victorious Mega Corportaion Zardyne Industries has disbanded the world's governments and enforce their own laws with impunity. But now a resistence is growing and a new war is being fought, a war of information. The battlefield is the cyberscape known as The World Wide Web. You are one of the hackers working for The Resistance and ending the Zardyne's Business is your Priority. Do you have what it takes to break into Zardyne's private servers and steal thier plans without getting caught?

This game was made during the two week period in late November 2016 known as Wizard Jam 4. It contains anything that I thought up, considered stupid and laughed at. Please play accordingly.

Install instructions

Unzip to any directory

Run executable

Patch Notes:

1.0.1 - Changed level one to make it completable

1.0.2 - Updated tutorial to inform player to click & hold for skully program

1.0.3 - Added level change keys (F11 - Level 1 / F12 - Level 2)


Priority Businessing v1.0.3.zip 226 MB


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Very cool 90s hackspace vibe!